It often seems that trying to succeed as a comedic musician, especially as a comedic musician without much musical talent, is no picnic. But that’s not quite correct.

It’s not a traditional picnic. It’s not a bunch of friends on a blanket on an eighty degree day, summer clothes blowing in the breeze as the sandwiches stay where they are. It’s more like taking the basket up a mountain, with maybe one other picnic enthusiast, on a day with half the thermometer reading and three times the wind. And while there is no danger of ants taking the food, there is significant risk of encountering troublesome sheep. Or bears.

It’s a hardcore picnic.

But with enough hard work, and 100% successful defense against mountain bears, the picnic can happen. And because of the challenge involved, the jams should be especially sweet.

Anyway, hardcorepicnic.com is where I am going to be posting a lot of the parody/comedy song lyrics I’ve written, and accompanying them with videos of myself performing in spite of my musical shortcomings. The videos might not be paragons of professional quality, at least at first, but they should help to showcase my lyrics. And after about twenty years of writing songs, I still think my lyric-writing is good enough to be my bread and butter.

I hope the people reading my lyrics/watching me will agree.