Kidnapping Miss Zelda (Turtles Happy Together Parody)

Last night I wrote a cheerful ditty about wanting to take over the world, from the point of view of one of the most iconic villains in video game history. This morning I made the video, and here it is:


And the lyrics:

The plan is I will rule, Hyrule
I’ll bring about eternal night, with magic might
I’m hoping for a broken Link, I’ll make him fight
Kidnapping Miss Zelda

Link’s out there cutting grass, with downward sword
And I am taking steps to be, an overlord
I could do this a million times, and not get bored
Kidnapping Miss Zelda

I am evil, ugly inside through and through, even through time
Don’t like people, don’t like most animals too, but I like crime

Use the force, my force is tri
Two thirds of it escaped from me, triumph was nigh
So now I’ll use my back-up plan, to rule on high:
Kidnapping Miss Zelda

I’m still scheming, looking to burgle Link’s flute, to no avail
Place is teeming with little monsters and brutes, and they all fail

Rage and hate, and hate and rage
It makes me want to put the world, inside a cage
And here’s my plan to bring about, this brutal age:
Kidnapping Miss Zelda

Bad bad bad bad…

One for all, that one’s not me
I’m only for my personal, supremacy
When I proclaim myself as king, I’m gonna be
Kidnapping Miss Zelda

Kidnapping Miss Zelda
Kidnapping Miss Zelda
Not a nice fella
Kidnapping Miss Zelda


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