Come Today, Train (Soul Asylum – Runaway Train parody)

People say the NYC Subway system is the best in the country, and maybe it is, but that doesn’t mean it’s not frustrating enough to write a song about it, as I did on Saturday night. The song was tough to write at times, but it was still far less draining than trying to get from one side of the city to another on a Saturday night.

Here’s the video of myself, on Sunday morning, recording myself singing that song in a place which is not the subway:

Here are the lyrics:

Saw a rat, wasn’t little, wasn’t fun
Right in front of me, I could not run
Running here would look very silly
And if I fell an oncoming train could kill me

I’m lying, the train isn’t gonna come
Might as well hear the guy who plays drums
He’ll show up with the rising sun
I guess that means I’ll hear the drums
I’d ride with trash, I’d walk the tracks
But either way they’d send me back
At least I might get myself a bed that way

Come today, train, next week’s not alright
Long day’s now a long, long night
One mile to a better station
But now it’s cold out, I’ll stay in

Eventually I get onboard the E
Took a while, it’s almost three
It might speed up because of lost time
My thought just came from a lost mind

Now I know when slow is really slow
Lots of groans but no it won’t go
More delays my impatience gives me pain
As my mind is shouting “Run today, train”

Heard we stopped due to trains ahead
I’d be on those instead
That’s how I know that they’re lying

Run today train, get me home tonight
Long day with no end in sight
Five miles to my destination
By next week maybe I’ll get in



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