St. Patrick’s Day (Parody of Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance)

About ten years ago, I wrote a song about St. Patrick’s Day, but I haven’t done much with it except a few open mic performances. Yesterday I recorded myself singing it a capella in my room, and scrapped that video due to forgetting some of the lyrics. Then I did it again this morning, and it may have been out of focus at times, but that makes at least a little sense for a St. Patrick’s Day video.

Even if it was really because I’m still getting used to recording myself.

The video is below, and the lyrics below the video:


And the lyrics:


When I was a wee lad my father told me a little story about a certain saint

Back when slithering serpents would do things like stealing crops from farmers

And making maidens faint

Then a brilliant Hibernian was stern with all the reptilian vermin

And made them go away

And that is why so many including people who aren’t Irish

Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day


That’s not a true story Old Ireland had no snakes living in it

No not a single one

What actually happened most likely was a lot less exciting

Tall tales are much more fun


And fun is the main reason for the festivities

The church dissents but I pay them no mind

My shirt is green for now it’s clean

Got Guinness by the case

The beer’s not cheap, I hope that I can find


A leprechaun, a leprechaun

Not one that is mean and evil

A generous, rich leprechaun

Rich leprechaun

His pot of gold…I’d like to get it

Might weigh lots but won’t sweat it


We’re almost at the season where leaves start turning green

So we should celebrate the weather change

Let’s drink to Spring and other things

‘Til I fall on my face

When I pass out I hope my dreams are strange


With leprechauns, rich leprechauns

Dancing jigs and acting funny

Those short, amusing leprechauns, rich leprechauns

Making shoes and lots of money

Those must cost more than Air Force…


One’s too few hold cans in both your arms

Chug chug chug

Pour your beer inside your Lucky Charms

Chug Chug Chug

If you hate the taste then you need to drink more



Could not outdrink me

He’d have two

Then be helpin’ someone

Booze in cans

Is what I think’s the

Greatest hu-

Man recent invention

Since sliced bread

And I might need some

To eat instead

Of getting sick indeed

I’m still here

Though I may stumble

Want more beer

Um, mumble, mumble

Now I’m drunk

Not quite coherent

If you’re annoyed

I will still sing this song

Since I’m drunk

I might repeat stuff

And not care


To leprechauns!

To leprechauns!

If I am capable of speaking

I’ll raise a toast to leprechauns

Rich leprechauns!

And when my breath’s tested and reeking

I’ll need the gold of leprechauns



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